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People are different, and that is precisely why we need them. 
At present, over 840 people work for BJB worldwide and there are not two who are the same. Each person is an individual and develops skills which can be used in numerous ways. We bring together knowledge, abilities and processes to form a unit which is more than simply a collection of the individual parts. These structures have evolved into a sophisticated and efficient project management system where problems are solved through teamwork and where better results are achieved. 
Our training system makes an important contribution. Since 1935 we have been running our own training workshop which is equipped with the latest technology. Our training ratio is 10 percent, and we know that this is one of our great strengths. Technical expertise and optimum skills are our most important assets. So, why not enable them to grow? 
However, initial training alone is not enough. In the developing markets of the world, lifelong learning is now a basic requirement for professional success. In this field we also provide our employees with opportunities for further training towards professional qualifications. These may be technical or administrative, business or financial in nature. It is even possible for staff to take a degree through part-time study. Our various departments also provide optimum supervision for internships and diploma theses.