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Standardisation through interchangeability -  
Zhaga certifies BJB lampholders for the PHJ65-d base 
“Small light sources with great potential” – this is the Zhaga initiative’s general description of LED technology, the global megatrend in the lighting industry. More than 190 companies throughout the world are working together amicably in this consortium to promote compatibility in LED mod-ules. With a new lampholder for LED modules of the type PHJ65-d, BJB has produced another Zhaga-certified solution. The aim is to facilitate interchangeability of LED light sources in a variety of environments. In view of the complex and rapid changes in this sector, manufacturers need reliable standards in order to reduce risks when developing new luminaires. 
With its new lampholder for LED modules, however, BJB is going one step further. A luminaire manufacturer who works with light engines will also want to move away from traditional approaches to design. In addition to its high technical functionality and the usual good ergonomic characteristics, this connector has proved to be an aesthetically appealing variant of what was previously a rather basic utility item. Carefully created by designers, it also looks good in open luminaires. In this case form does not only follow function, but also a desire for beauty.  
The most important feature is, of course, Zhaga-compliance, which means that the subsequent supply of components to the luminaire manufacturer is secure in the long term. The Zhaga logo also answers all questions relating to performance, temperature behaviour, lifetime and other im-portant parameters. In short: Zhaga stands for standardisation. For BJB this is a crucial factor and one which is essential for customer satisfaction.  
Unlike the first generation, this version is a one-part lampholder and consequently much easier to handle. This applies to both transportation and installation. To make matters easier from a manufacturing perspective, the customer also has the option of using the standard M3 screws available in most production facilities.  
A striking feature of the design is its closed form. The lampholder and LED module form a sort of capsule into which no dirt or dust can penetrate. This is important because even the smallest parti-cles between the module and the heat sink can have an adverse effect on heat dissipation. In continuous operation, this leads to increased temperature values, resulting in a shorter service life of the LED. The BJB system has integrated springs which ensure a permanent contact pressure.  
The new lampholder also has a rim around the edge, which serves as a guide and greatly facilitates the insertion of the LED module. In addition, the newly designed reflector interface allows the reflector to be snapped on without the need for further supports.  
One can see that there has been serious consideration of everything, down to the smallest detail, resulting in the development of a product which will provide long-term reliability. In the end, the effort has been worthwhile. Standardisation brings interchangeability and interchangeability brings freedom of design. What more can the industry wish for?