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Arnsberg 13 March 2016: Spots and downlights only show their real (lighting) abilities in combination with the right optics and reflectors. At Light+Building 2016, BJB presents high-quality tools for application-specific light control.  
Specialist expertise 
BJB demonstrates its expertise in the design of the various optics and reflectors presented at Light+Building 2016. Light control plays a decisive role in achieving the desired lighting result. General lighting, accent lighting, wallwashing or shelf lighting each require their own specific light distribution. Homogeneity, absence of glare and brilliant light quality are the important attributes and those which have been perfected in the high-quality optical systems of the BJB///OEM-Line. These are provided by the plastic injection moulding tools developed by BJB, which are used to produce the consistent high quality of the optics for the Spot-Downlight systems as well as linear luminaires and striplights. This applies to both indoor and outdoor applications, for example street lighting.  
Creative solutions have always been one of BJB’s strengths. This is also reflected in the concepts being presented at Light+Building, for example the Zoom-Focus TIR Optic, in which the distance between the lens and the optically effective cover can be altered, so that light distribution can be adjusted to achieve the desired lighting effect. An absolutely unprecedented phenomenon is the Tunable White Spotlight Module. In a tiny space it is possible to change the colour temperature within a range of 2,700 K and 5,000 K –something previously only achieved by panel luminaires. 
The existing product range also boasts well-thought-out solutions. These include the adapter for BJB///OEM-Line spot-downlight systems developed by BJB for easy attachment of the connector to the silicone lenses from Gaggione. This results in a simple design, with all components fitting together perfectly. No screw-fixing or soldering is necessary and the number of components required is also reduced. With the addition of these lenses, the spot-downlight systems can demonstrate their potential, even in accent lighting applications in up-market shops or museums. 
For BJB, its own expertise in the development and production of optical systems is not exclusively an end in itself, but also part of its comprehensive range of services. The creation of tailor-made components and other sophisticated solutions has always been an integral part of BJB’s philosophy – this specialist field is characterized by extensive know-how. 
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