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Arnsberg 13 March 2016: These small components presented by BJB at Light+Building 2016 have “a certain something” - BJB///OEM-Line products designed to streamline LED luminaire production. They also provide added value in the customer-specific development of LED modules. 
The perfect combination 
BJB has established itself as a specialist for customer-specific solutions and as a manufacturer of innovative components for the efficient, low-cost production of LED luminaires. This is clearly demonstrated by the range of miniaturised, easy-to-use components exhibited at Light+Building 2016. One example is the mains connection terminal block, which, with its extremely low overall height of only 11 mm, is perfectly suited to the new generation of flat electronic control gear. An equally solution-oriented approach can be seen with the Discus circular LED modules, which, with diameters of 225 mm and 300 mm, are ideal for use in circular ceiling and wall luminaires. 
BJB is now also displaying its know-how in the field of intelligent connection technology and its expertise in automated luminaire production for the development of customer-specific LED modules and components. BJB has always focused attention on analysing its constantly changing challenges – particularly in the fast-moving field of LED technology – and on how to translate these into tailor-made solutions. Absolute flexibility in individual luminaire design and rapid implementation through to the marketability stage are essential. LED modules with linear, square or circular designs and dimensions of up to 650 mm x 400 mm can be created, entirely geared to customer requirements or specific lighting applications. The spectrum of services offered ranges from consultation, layout design and prototype development through to series production and approvals. 
Screwless perfection  
By performing several functions simultaneously, the concept of the Push-to-Fix element (P2F) does not only provide technical advantages over the screw, it is also quicker and easier to use. In response to very positive feedback, BJB is exhibiting further versions at Light+Building. These offer substantial benefits to users, such as the elimination of the need for thread-cutting and the avoidance of shadow formation due to their considerably lower elevation above the circuit board compared to a screw head. 
The P2F has proved to be a successful alternative to the traditional screw for fixing LED modules from the BJB///OEM-Line or from other manufacturers. Consisting of a metal spring and an elastic silicone ring, it provides the connection between the surfaces of the PCB and luminaire housing, with no bending. This ensures excellent heat dissipation – an important and decisive factor in determining the service life of LED luminaires.  
The fixing element P2F Screw&Profile Groove has been developed specifically for fixing modules to aluminium profiles with screw grooves. Unlike traditional screws, the P2F element, which can be installed quickly and securely with the aid of a manual setting device, provides a permanent, defined contact pressure.  
The P2F element for blind holes represents an alternative to M3 screws, especially for the fixing of low-, mid- or high-power LED modules to heat sinks with blind drill holes or to thick aluminium profiles with blind holes or through holes. The P2F fixing element can be installed quickly and securely by means of a manual setting device, without any possibility of damage to the PCB due to the screw tilting or as a result of excessive torque.  
The P2F SMD solderable is suitable for fixing low- and mid-power LED boards to mounting plates. The fixing elements are fitted during the SMD process, soldered onto the PCBs while passing through the reflow oven, and thereby pre-attached. During final installation, the pre-attached P2Fs are brought into their final positions by pressing down the spring clips. This can be performed either manually or automatically. 
The portion of the P2F SMD solderable above the PCB is considerably lower than a screw head, thereby preventing shadow formation. 
The new P2F SMD solderable, P2F for blind holes and P2F Screw&Profile Groove represent a consistent further development to the innovative P2F product series. They are specially designed to meet the requirements for efficient series production of LED luminaires. The technological added value they provide makes the P2F fixing elements an ideal addition to the BJB///OEM-Line modular system. 
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