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Arnsberg 13 March 2016: At Light+Building 2016, BJB is presenting precisely the components needed to simplify the production of spots and downlights. With all modules of the BJB///OEM-Line, the focus is on good light quality and easy processing with automated luminaire production systems. 
Simplification on the way 
LED downlights and spots are the all-rounders in the shop, office, corridor and hospitality fields and have become mass-market products as a result. Their production is simplified by the use of pre-assembled LED modules, as presented by BJB at Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt. The modules of the BJB///OEM-Line are perfectly tailored to the needs of producers and their vertical range of manufacture. These developments are based on BJB’s many years of experience with automated production processes and their expertise in the field of intelligent connection technology.  
The greatest degree of simplification, i.e. reduction in process stages, is provided by the complete, ready-to-use “ALLin1” units, which only have to be installed in the spot or downlight and then wired up. The COB component is not only equipped with a BJB connector, however, but also has an interface for reflectors. Optionally, it can also be provided complete with thermal interface material (TIM) and innovative P2F fixing elements for blind holes.  
The ALLin1 versions, which can be fitted with COB elements from almost all well-known manufacturers, come in various sizes to cater for all relevant lighting applications. 
The ALLin1-compact version, a logical further development, is even flatter, with its size reduced to only between 2.6 mm and 2.8 mm. Equipped with connection cables and with the option of thermal interface material, the LED module is designed for direct use in luminaires. Lextar COBs provide colour temperatures of 3,000 K and 4,000 K with a colour rendering index of CRI > 80. The light-emitting surfaces “LES” are 11 mm, 16 mm or 23 mm in diameter and emit luminous fluxes of up to 1,100 lm, up to 3,500 lm and 5,500 lm respectively with a high light quality. When using COB components from other manufacturers, the lighting values may vary.  
A new addition with “a certain something” is the recently developed fixing element P2F for blind holes, which can be used to replace conventional M3 screws. This innovative solution eliminates the need for thread-cutting and enables the heat sink to be mounted quickly, easily and securely on the connector.  
The exchangeable Twist’n’spot LED modules from the BJB///OEM-Line are also aimed at simplifying processes for the luminaire manufacturer, as well as providing flexibility and sustainability. This well-though-out solution, consisting of a socketed and fully enclosed LED lamp with matching Twist&Lock lampholder, is compact and ready to use. Fixed with two standard screws, the pre-stressed leaf springs provide a defined contact pressure between the light source and the heat sink, thus ensuring efficient heat dissipation. With luminous flux of 1,100 lm to 3,200 lm, colour temperatures of 2,700 K, 3,000 K and 4,000 K and colour rendering options of CRI > 80 or CRI > 90, the Twist’n’spot LED modules are ideal for use in spots or downlights in the shop, office and hospitality fields. 
In addition, the “division” of the Twist’n’spot LED modules into two sections offers the possibility of pre-assembly without the light source. This provides the basis for production on the principle of “late-stage finishing”, which means that a light source of the latest LED generation is only fitted shortly before the luminaire is put into operation.  
The various versions of LED modules from the BJB///OEM-Line each have integrated interfaces for standard reflectors as well as reflectors with individual designs, thereby offering luminaire manufacturers ample scope when organising their production processes. Well-thought-out solutions with considerable added value – that is the watchword of lighting component specialist BJB. 
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